Cold Storage Consulting & Cooling System Design Solutions

Coldroom Systems, Inc. works closely with our sister company James E. Choate & Associates. The company was also founded by James E. Choate Jr. and Herbert C. Woolley III. As our sister company, they offer consulting services for the cold storage industry, specializing in solving unique problems caused by the clashing of very different environments. There are few others who also address this field. View a Design »

Warehouses Under Construction

Floor Control

One major example of our service is the design of underfloor heating systems. These systems prevent the earth below a facility from freezing. In many cases, freezing the earth below a freezer floor can be catastrophic for that floor.

Custom Solutions Around the World

James E. Choate & Associates has designed systems for new and existing facilities in many states and countries. They have also supply special equipment for implementing their designs. Unlike other efforts to solve these problems, these systems are both economical and long-lasting. System failures are virtually unheard of with custom systems. However, anytime it's required, they can be easily serviced.