Our Clients

Custom Coldrooms & Cold Storage To Meet Any Need

Coldroom Systems, Inc. operates on the principle that expectations of future performance are usually indicated by current and past results. We have assembled a list of our current and past clients in different fields, demonstrating our reputation in the industry and why we continue to grow. The high quality of our work, as proclaimed by "word of mouth," has allowed us the success we enjoy today. We offer our clients a personal experience where Charles and the Project Management Team handle every aspect of a job from start to finish.

Our client portfolio includes many of the top corporations in the industry and many local and diversified companies, as well. At Coldroom Systems, Inc. no project is too big or too small and every project is treated with equal importance and receives the personal attention it deserves.

A Large Warehouses

Grocery & Bakery Facilities

We build many facilities of this type. Here is a representative list of some of these companies:

 Flowers Baking - Mrs. Smith's Bakeries — Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, & Tennessee
 Grand Union Company — North Carolina, New York, Georgia, & Texas
 Kroger Company — Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, & Virginia
 United Natural Foods — Georgia, Connecticut, Colorado, & Florida
 Food Lion — South Carolina & Virginia
 Fleming Foods — Alabama & Georgia
 The Merchant Company — Alabama & Mississippi
 Publix Grocery & Bakery — Georgia & Florida
 Whole Foods — Georgia & Illinois
 Country Home Bakery — Georgia
 Edwards Baking Company — Georgia
 H. C. Brill — Georgia
 Mom's Bakery — Georgia
 Panorama Freezer — Georgia
 Southland Distribution Center — California
 United Spring Wheat Processors, Inc. — Georgia
 Otis Spunkmeyer — South Carolina

Meat, Fish & Poultry

 Gold Kist Poultry — Alabama, Florida, Georgia, & North Carolina
 Conagra Poultry — Alabama, Delaware, & Georgia
 Marjac Poultry — Georgia, Alabama, & Mississippi
 Sara Lee — Alabama & Tennessee
 Tyson Poultry — Alabama & Georgia
 Wayne Poultry — Alabama & Georgia
 All American Gourmet — Georgia
 Amick Farms — South Carolina
 Carolina Culinary — South Carolina
 Choctaw Maid Hatchery — Mississippi
 Columbia Farms OSI — South Carolina
 Fieldale Corporation — Georgia
 Inland Sea Food — Georgia
 King's Delight — Georgia
 McCarty Foods — Mississippi
 Northside Packing — Georgia
 Sanderson Farms — Mississippi
 Sunset Farms — Georgia
 Suzanna's Kitchen — Georgia
 Wampler Hatchery — North Carolina

Public Refrigerated Warehouses

 AmeriCold Logistics, Inc — Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, & Tennessee
 Nordic Cold Storage — Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, & South Carolina
 Atlas Cold Storage — Alabama, Georgia, & South Carolina
 Eskimo Cold Storage — Georgia
 Lineage — Georgia
 Southeastern Freezer Corp. — Georgia
 Nashville Refrigerated Services — Tennessee
 National Warehouses, Inc. — Alabama
 Freezing-N-Florida/Burris — Florida

Facilities for Dairy Products

 Pet Ice Cream —Georgia, Tennessee, & South Carolina
 Flavorich, Inc. — Georgia & Tennessee
 French's Ice Cream — Georgia
 Southern Ice Cream (Kroger) — Georgia
 Mayfield Dairy — Georgia
 Publix Dairy — Georgia & Florida

Facilities for Institutional Distributors

 PYA Monarch — Florida, North Carolina, & South Carolina
 Sysco — Georgia & Tennessee
 Performance Food Group — Florida & Tennessee
 Henry Lee Company — Florida
 JFC International — Georgia
 Armada — Georgia
 KeHe — Georgia & Florida
A Warehouses Being Built and a Man Working on a Large Door

Going the Extra Mile

One reason that Coldroom Systems, Inc. has been so successful over the years is our willingness to go that extra mile to obtain customer satisfaction and repeat business. Many of the above companies only operate in a single state, but have several facilities.

Quality & Cost Efficiency

Quality materials and construction make facilities both attractive and cost effective. This is why so many companies utilize our expertise even though their prime use is not freezer related.