Metal Wall Panels, Cold Storage Doors, & Other Custom Parts

No matter what your need may be, Coldroom Systems, Inc. can make it happen with custom insulated metal wall panels, cold storage doors, and so much more. We work with you to develop customized solutions for your facility, ensuring your needs are met and the items you need to store remain as cold as you need them to be.

Insulated Metal Wall Panels

Insulate your space properly with complete installation of insulated metal wall panels. We use both Urethane Core and EPS Core insulated metal wall panels, with various thicknesses from manufacturers you can trust, including:

 All Weather Insulated Panels
 Kingspan Panels
 Green Span Profiles
 Precision Foam Fabricators
 Advanced Insulation Concepts

Fire Walls

Protect your inventory and employees with our quality fire rated wall systems. We offer two- and three-hour rated firewalls to give you the time you need to move and protect your inventory.

Cold Storage Doors

Coldroom Systems can furnish and install the finest cold storage doors to meet your needs. We install personnel doors, horizontal sliding doors, truck dock doors, air doors, strip curtains, and blast cell doors.

Inside and Outside Views of Warehouses

Blast Cells

Trust us to design, furnish, and install the right insulated metal wall panels and doors to create a blast cell for flash freezing. Our experience allows us to build rooms as low as -76 degrees Fahrenheit... Now that is COLD!